Thursday, September 5, 2013

Made it to Sandusky!

Well the family and I made our way to Sandusky, Ohio, where I have meet up with the other "Dee's" in our family. I have learn that there are only 3 living second cousins of the Dee. My father James Dee, his cousin James Dee in Sandusky, my aunt Margaret. There is 2 living Dee's first generation living in Knoxville, TN and San Jose, California. Marcella Dee and John Richard Dee. I have recently made contact with Marcella and she is 91 years old. I was surprise how well she sound for being 91 years old. She was a firecracker! Hope I can meet up with her soon too. Here's a small family reunion that we had at James Dee house in Sandusky.

Of course my son had to show out. But it was nice to met dependents of the Di Dia Family. James Dee has been to Marsala acouple of time, and he really wants me to make the trip there too. I just got to get the funds together to make it happen. Anyone got about 5K laying around? :)

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