Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not Related to Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

But wish I was! As a kid I loved eating Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I always wonder if I was related, but found out that Chef Boy-Ar-Dee was actually made from a man named Ettore "Hector" Boiardi. He decided to name his product "Boy-Ar-Dee" to help Americans pronounce his name. The same must of happen with our last name Di Dia to Dee. I was also told it was due to Italian discrimination. It makes me think about the time when people were discriminated because of skin color, and sex discrimination. I couldn't believe that the nationality of a person would be a reason to discriminate. But I truly believe that there would even be reverse discrimination. I have known people that wouldn't even serve thier food to people of certian nationally, but Itilians loved to serve their food, and were very proud to show it off. Pasta was the main reason for this. Adding pasta to meats and vegitables dishes, was something new in America. Maybe that is why I am so addicted to pasta! Please visit Hector Boiardi

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